The Vickie Travis Show – Unique and Personal Internet Radio.  Variety Radio Programming.

Vickie Travis is an American internet broadcaster and author known as one of the founders and the original host of Health Care Warriors and American Dawn.  Programming is in general intended to be presented in the form of a conversation.  If all are comfortable more informative information is likely to be shared.  There are no stilted interviews on this program.

You the listeners are invited to tune in and listen to these unique conversations on the free  on- demand programming  presented on The Vickie Travis Show – A now Independent program.

This is Internet based programming where all may tune in using their telephones, IPads, computers,  anywhere and anytime that they have internet access or wireless phone service.  Programs are both streaming On-Demand and downloadable in mp3 format.  They do play on Androids.

If you would like to contact Vickie drop her a line at:  vickie.travis@gmail.com

The Vickie Travis Show was part of the Tropic Wave Radio conglomerate which she joined in 2004.


The views and opinions expressed on these programs are those of the guest and are not endorsed by the all volunteer Independent Vickie Travis Show.  Individuals who are in opposition to selective programs in which they have a personal interest or disagree with the specific content may present their side of the story.  They only have to let us know that they would like to and we will schedule a taping and then place their program online.

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