Sharon Kramer – The Rest of the Story

You can download this mp3 program at: 2016-04-18_Vickie_SharonKramer_2

Taped on April 29, 2016

This program is a followup on the Sharon Kramer story which we recently covered on The Vickie Travis Show.  Sharon tells us how members of the court system and in particular one judge who  did allow jurors who were sequestered to receive materials which were not presented during trial and then ordered the jury to use the new material.

She has sworn affidavits which will be presented at the end of this On-Demand program.  This type of governmental interference in due process is about as dirty as it can get.  You may view them here and here now if you do not want to wait to hear the program.

Sharon has uncovered a common theme in American Health Policy.  False scientific reports written for the benefit of insurance companies to avoid responsibility and not honestly honor their patron’s contracts financially benefit from inaccurate public policy.  If all industry has to do is pay someone to write a report as they want it to be written and then market or publicize it to alter public policy it is a financial win for them. 

Unfortunately, marketing to alter public policy with false material can often place the well being of the public in a pretty precarious position health wise.


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