Richard Obanion – Rehab Scams

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Richard Obanion - Survivor and Health Care Advocate
Richard Obanion – Survivor and Health Care Advocate

Richard Obanion, Survivor and Health Care Advocate tells us about the New Big Moneymaker for the  Medical Industry – REHAB.  Learn how this new industry was quickly turned into a big moneymaker once the Feds made many pain medicines difficult to obtain.

You will also learn some of the ways to recover from prescription induced addiction.  If you do consider a formal rehab facility, how to check them out before signing up and see the entire situation for what it really is.

Returning  guest Richard Obanion will be providing more tips for the pubic to avoid problems with their HMO.  Using his personal experience, Richard has taken an abusive and painful situation and turned it into something that is helpful for members of the pubic.

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