Barbara Page Witness to Euthanasia

Barbara Page is a Medical Researcher, a Writer, Co-Founder and Vice-President of the Worldwide Endo March of World Endometriosis Day and the daughter of Bill Page who was a victim of Involuntary Euthanasia.  On this program she tells what happened to her father.

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Bill Page fainted at home and his personal physician admitted him to the local hospital for examination.  While in the hospital he developed aspiration pneumonia and was placed in ICU for treatment.  He was fully lucid and non terminal.

His family took shifts staying with him so he was not alone while in the hospital.  He was lucid, mentally balanced, calm and in control of himself.

Late Saturday evening a nurse attempted for two hours to insert an IV line into his arm.  Finally Bill told the nurse to just stop as she was only hurting him with her poking.  The nurse refused and she also refused to find another person with more experience to do the insertion.  The nurse also attempted intimidation by telling Bill and his daughter that maybe they should be withdrawing all medical care, including oxygen which Bill did need as he had a recent diagnosis of COPD if he refused to allow the nurse to continue poking him.

There was no attending physician at the hospital that night.

His daughter, Barbara Page finally sought help within the hospital leaving her father alone for under 15 minutes.  When she returned the nurses in the unit told her that they had to inject her father with double doses of Morphine and Haldol.  Haldol is considered a chemical straight jacket and carries an increased risk of death in senior citizens.

The nursing staff had also called other family members and told them to come to the hospital as their father was dying.  This was a shock to Barbara as her father was doing just fine when she went to seek help.

Bill Page had no medical condition warranting the use of either Morphine or Haldol.   The staff, Bill and his daughter knew that in a few hours his physician would be there in the hospital and there was no great rush for what the nurse was attempting to do.  It could  have waited as far as Bill and Barbara knew.  The nurse refused to tell either of them what the IV was for.

Bill Page died from an overdose of Morphine and Haldol.



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  1. This is so similar to some of the things that happened to us. The patient became agitated, and they had to sedate, if we refused certain treatment, they would send him to hospice. They loaded him with 14 drugs behind our backs, even after we told them plainly that they were to discuss all drugs with us. 7 of the drugs can cause respiratory difficulty. He developed acute respiratory failure. They almost killed him. There were so many other things wrong. It caused long term damage. We are seriously considering suing them for malpractice, given that we had thousands of dollars of personal expenses that arose out of this, and it caused months of delay in full recovery. We even had one family member that tried to discredit me so they wouldn’t listen to me. They refused to take responsibility for causing the respiratory failure, and didn’t even question the cause. It was HIS fault. We are still dealing with the consequences, over a year later. We are working on a book. The corruption in judgment is like a cancer that has eaten away at nearly the entire profession, and it has to be stopped! Our nation cannot afford this, and the only people who are profiting are pharmaceutical companies. Do you wonder who was intimately involved in the mass killings in Germany? Precursors to our modern pharmaceutical companies! Doctors just think they have a right to use any drug they feel like, and your own opinion does not matter at all. Suing would be for the purpose of educating them, and recovering money we could not afford to lose, but we will probably never be able to use that hospital again, nor would we want to. I welcome any effort on your part to unite us to fight this evil, so please feel free to invite me to be involved.

  2. UC Davis afraid of engaging in pain managment that made me wait six months and after going to every manager I could reach wile suffering from chronic pain documented through records. Trying to get rid of me I was sent to Behavioral Medicine to change my clonapin to anouther muscle relaxer without addressing the factors of detoxing from the clonapin and transitioning to Robaxin after being diagnosed with Anxiety. Roxaxin caused anxiety wile in constant contact with my Primary Care via email when new med kept me up for a solid 5 days I was offered no help. The definition of torture in regaurds to sleep deformation is three days and they let me go for five with savier chest pains and high presure with no advise. I truly believe they were trying to kill me or cause a heart attack and even the Nurse tried to discredit me that I had demanded be in the room due to the side effects of the absence of the clonapin and the introduction of the Robaxin because I could not talk clearly after being up for a week with a EKG off the charts and my blood presure through the roof. Though the clonapin was perscribed by this UC Davis doctor for over six months and I had been taking it for over seven years, she thought it was funny that I was going though this insomnia, called from a odd cell phone and laughed at me over the phone not realizing she could be tracked though caller ID and validated through the internet that this phone was from a place in ND where she had just come from.
    UC davis did not take this seriously. Death squads is what it is being called in town meetings now but are they not acting like terrorists? When I look up the definition it fits!
    I dose not matter if you have someone from you familly in the room but a smart phone works great for recalling conversations with time stamps. Most can be left on in your front pocket and record everything that is said and if they will not tell you their name you can take a picture with the ringer off. I am not afraid to make a call or answer a call from a waiting room anymore after seeing so many people do it. There is a code of silence and a code as your caller discribed that I was slowly pushed into this category of being unmanageable due to the absence of medication they knew would cause this and perscribing medicine they knew would made this worse.
    Something has changed in the mindset of Medical providers and they are so worn out from the Goverment and the stress of increasing the bottom line and avoiding liability places like UC Davis only hires third world Doctors and the front end staff are never older than 25 and making so many mistakes that it is concidered the norm and they do nothing but deflect instead of treat.

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