Judy Bragg, RN – Superficial Hospice

Judy Bragg, RN and son.

This testimony involves a superficial hospice and definitely not a professional one.

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Judy Bragg, RN provided care for her son who had leukemia, just as she had done for two other of her children.  She understands the disease and she knows that when they do die what is normal and what is not.

Judy Bragg, RN was forced to watch her son die prematurely.  He was killed by a chemical cocktail administered by her daughter-in-law while her son insisted that he did not want the medications.

Her daughter in law had not visited her husband, Judy’s son for eight months while he was in the hospital.  She showed up one day, pushed him into a hospice program using her authority as wife and his fate was sealed.

Judy had turned her back for just a minute and it happened.  There was no way she could stop it.

He did not consent to this medical process nor to these medications.  He was in his right mind but had the hospice program pushed on him by his wife.

Judy states that this hospice was superficial and was not professional.  In this program she touches upon the hospital and insurance business aspect of encouraging the premature death of patients, including those who are not terminal.

This is the first part of a series on this topic involving Judy Bragg.  Judy worked for decades as a Registered Nurse in OR.   Before her retirement, the last five years of her career were  in facility resource management.  We are going to touch upon what facility resource management is all about.  This series is going to open your eyes and your innocence will be taken away.

4 thoughts on “Judy Bragg, RN – Superficial Hospice”

  1. Dear Judy Bragg,
    I’ve been in grief watching this quiet holocaust for many yrs.
    My only solution at this time, since we our not protected, is to write & call our new President Trump. I believe he wants to know the truth & he will do what’s right!
    Please contact me if you wish…..Anita Anderson

  2. Dear Barbara Page,
    I have been in grief for many yrs., watching this quiet holocaust. Since we are no longer protected, I believe we must call & write our new President Trump, who I believe wants to hear the truth & will do what’s right! Please contact me if you wish.
    Praying…. Anita Anderson

  3. Thank you for your feedback!!! If you ever want to talk to someone about what you have seen please contact Carly Walden at 404.938.0203

  4. Hi,
    I am a physician, familiar with this problem. I have written a book about it. I decided to focus on patients who were headed for hospice (already arranged) but where I stopped the process. These patients had very treatsble illnesses, survived, and in my book there are pictures of them enjoying life afterwards. It is hard to argue with the facts in my book. The cases here tend to be patients with an eventually fatal illness who were put to death with stealth euthanasia. I am against that also, of course, but the practice is easier to defend. I wish I could get Trumps ear, if he brought this up it would get attention. If you do not mind, please give me your email and/or phone#, I would like to speak with you.
    Lou Grenzer

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