Janis Whitten Boyd

Janis Whitten tells us how her father had his properties stolen by local government officials for what appears to be personal gain, was shoved into hospice under false pretenses and she was tossed out into the street by a government official who obtained ownership.

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Her father was Howard Lee Whitten who lived at 129 Bundrum in the little town of Coldwater, Tate County, Mississippi.  He was a former government employee.  He had several pensions and a nice property which were snatched by the County Clerk who was given the role of guardian after it was questionably taken from his daughter.  The false claim was made that he had a broken leg and that was enough of an excuse to do this to  them.  Under false pretenses and with the excuse of him having bedsores caused by treatment at a rehab center, this Clerk signed him into hospice.

The man who obtained the property was upset that Mr. Whitten had a Black Caregiver.  There was quite a ruckus over this issue.  Apparently in the town of Coldwater this is a major problem.  Believe it or not but this ties into the rest of the story.  It really was a big deal to the town.

Janis was no longer allowed to see her father.

The claim was made that since the Clerk was taking his pension payments that the property had to be sold to pay the medical expenses. The Clerk refused to allow Medicare to be billed.   Mr. Whitten had complete Medicare coverage but the Clerk would not allow it to be used.  Another government official purchased the home.

Janis Whitten currently is seeking justice for her father.  She has been reduced to living in a cabin with a very limited income.  She has been threatened with if she continues the Clerk will have her put under her Conservatorship.

She is 67 and her husband passed away 10 years ago.  This brave woman is standing tall and praying that she will see the people who profited off of her father’s death will receive justice.