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Cryptozoology is a pseudoscience involving the search for creatures whose existence has not been proven due to lack of evidence.

Geoff Robinson – Bigfoot

Geoff Robinson
Geoff Robinson

Geoff Robinson is a Bigfooter Helper.  He is a territory manager, and a graduate engineering student.  He originally hails from Georgia, and currently lives in Portland, Oregon.  Geoff is a scientist participating in the scientific validation of the existence of Bigfoot/Sasquatch projects.  Geoff is with the BFRO – The BigFoot Research Organization.  See:

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Geoff Robinson recorded these three whoop/screams in August, 2010 near Wynoochee, WA. sasquatch washington olypmic peninsula.

Using Biotic Taphonomy Signature Analysis and Neoichnology Profiling to determine the identity of the carnivore taxa responsible for the deposition and mechanical mastication of
three independent prey bone assemblages in the Mount St. Helen’s ecosystem of the Cascade.


A Proposal for Research: Hominid Archaeology in Limestone Caves in the Salmon River Mountains, Idaho

Some Follow-up investigation reports by BFRO Investigator Geoff Robinson

Ronie Powell – Sasquatch

Ronie Powell – BFRO – Bigfoot Researcher explains her encounters with these animals.

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Ronie Powell
Ronie Powell

Ronie Powell is a member of the BFRO – Bigfoot Research Organization was raised in an  outdoors-loving family. She has spent summers in the remote wilderness areas of the Adirondacks and Eastern Canada
She is a retired financial analyst living in central Tennessee.

We will also learn about about Bigfoot and Big Doot and Little Zoot, a series of children’s books of which she has co-authored with Sybilla Irwin another member of the BFRO who is also an artist.

Ronie has attended the following BFRO expeditions:
– 2006 New York
– 2008 Oklahoma
– Assisted with the the first BFRO expedition in Tennessee in March 2009.
– 2009 Private Expedition in Illinois, Pennsylvania & Missouri
– 2010 Private Expedition in Florida & Pennsylvania, Illinois Expedition
– Organized the 2010 & 2011 Tennessee Expeditions
– 2011 Illinois, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and the first ever BFRO All Women’s Expedition in Texas
– 2012 Ohio and Texas
– 2013 Organized the Kentucky Expedition

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Ronie Powell:  BFRO

Ronie Powell’s Blog:

Co-Author of The Adventures of Big Doot and Little Zoot – For every child who has ever wondered about the “monsters” in the woods.

Ron Boles – Bigfoot Investigator for the Ozarks

Ron Boles – Bigfoot Researcher – Investigator for the Ozarks

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At count 43:52 Ron plays an audio of a Bigfoot howl.

Ron Boles - Bigfoot Researcher
Ron Boles – Bigfoot Researcher

Ron Boles who hails from Missouri had his first encounter with Bigfoot in 1988.  Since 2007 he has been a BFRO Investigator.   He was featured in 2015 on “Finding Bigfoot.”  He has participated in and led numerous expeditions in several states – Arkansas, Colorado, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee and Texas.   He is deeply involved int he study of the outdoors, ecology, folklore and regional history.

Reference for material discussed during the program:

The Jacobs Photos – Credible Photos of Young Bigfoot or of an unclassified primate in Pennsylvania:                                                                     

Grover Krantz:

and at:

Paul Freeman – Cryptozoologist:


Mike Green:


More About Ron Boles:

Oklahoma Bigfoot Symposium 2013 Part 1

Clip 1 of the Oklahoma Bigfoot Symposium 2013 Part 1

Oklahoma Bigfoot Symposium 2013 10 5 Ron Boles clip # 2 Last Clip Of Ron

BFRO ARK. Exp. 2007


Sybilla Irwin, Big Foot Researcher

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Sybilla Irwin

Sybilla Irwin, is a South-Texas native, who is also a talented wildlife artist.  She has a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and a minor in Art from Texas A&M University in College Station. Since 1995 she has taught art in various mediums in the community and in the public schools, where she is able to impart her love and understanding of the visual world to hundreds of students.

She is a mother and grandmother who helps witnesses of Bigfoot sightings and those who have interacted with them to make sense of what they have seen.  She creates life like art work similar to what police artists do.  She is recognized for her witness re-creations.  Sybilla is an investigator with the BFRO – The Bigfoot Research Organization and her website is at:

Sybilla Irwin - Sketching Encounters

“Sketching Encounters” Blog Subscription

My new blog will keep you involved and up to date on my travels across North America working with witnesses One-on-One!

What your subscription buys:

Access to witness sketches as they are finalized, evidence as it’s captured in the form of photographs, audio and thermal recordings, and other data in real time.

By subscribing you support the research and further documentation of these enigmatic creatures!

Source Information:

BFRO Investigation:  Sybilla worked with the witnesses to create these images of the creature they had encountered.

Sybilla puts a face on the various Sasquatches that people have seen with her art work.  She is co-author of the children’s book: “The Adventures of Big Doot and Little Zoot: Goin’ Fishin'”

The Bigfoot Field Journal:

Sybilla Irwin Galleries:

Witness Sketches:

Sasquatch Paintings:

Face Book:

Background on Sybilla:


Re Monteith, BFRO Investigator

The Re Monteith Interview was taped with Tropic Wave Radio.

Re Monteith discusses  reports and witnesses from BFRO for their content.   The material is assimilated in as scientific a manner as possible.  Learn About Sasquatch/BigFoot.

You may download this interview in mp3 format at: 2016-02-16_Vickie_ReMon_1

The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization with Re Monteith, BFRO Investigator tells us about their experiences.


BFRO was founded in 1995 by Matt Moneymaker, lead host for Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot television series.

This program uses the reports and witnesses from BFRO for their content and the material is assimilated in as scientific a manner as possible.  Content is based on lab analysis of forensic evidence. field searches with experienced trackers, wildlife biologists, and surveillance projects. Witnesses are contacted and interviewed and their reports must be considered credible or the information is not published.  Have there been reports in your area of Bigfoot sightings?