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Susan Kennedy McNutt

Euthanasia – The Burt Kennedy Story.  An American hero, a film maker,  a friend and screenwriter for John Wayne taken advantage

Burt Kennedy and John Wayne.
Burt Kennedy and John Wayne.

of by both a caregiver and executor looted the estate and how his death was brought about by poisoning.  He was railroaded into hospice for a disease that he did not have.  Three weeks into that program he realized what was going on and changed his mind.  The caregiver, Nancy Pendleton was also the girlfriend of the attorney involved.  The attorney made the Police Chief of Beverly Hills and Nancy Pendleton in charge of the estate.

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Law enforcement does not care in fact a Chief of Police ended up with the film memorabilia.  The caregiver bull dozed down the family home and sold the property.

Susan Kenndy McNutt explains how her father, Burt Kennedy, suffered and was taken advantage of by these people he thought were his friends.

More on Burt Kennedy here:

This program was originally broadcast on Jan 4, 2005 on the Highway2Health Program with Vickie Travis.

Sharon and Gary Rushford

Listen to Sharon Rushford of the Rushford Files speak regarding her husband Gary Rushford’s horrible experience with the HMO and arbitration that the current Affordable Health Care Act aka Obama Care is modeled after – Kaiser Permanente.

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This program originally aired as part of Vickie’s service with the Health Care Warrior – The Vickie Travis Hour on Highway2Health on August 10, 2004.

The information is important.  It could save your life.

Hospice Is A Fraud

Carly Walden explains what Hospice Programs are really about.

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Carly Walden and Mrs. Jackie McGiboney

Carly Walden is a pre-med student.  She duel majored and has a BS in psychology, with a minor in Chemistry.

It is now over a year since Mrs. Jackie McGiboney, Carly’s grandmother was rescued from hospice and today she is alive and very well.  If not for her family’s vigilance, perseverance and timely action she would not have survived. The family had been tricked – lied to – intentionally mis-led into believing that hospice was a program to provide rest for a patient who will  later be released to home.  They were not told that hospice is a place where people go to die and where often they are outright killed.  Mrs. McGiboney had been mis-diagnosed by physicians.  The doctors were wrong and she was never any where near terminal, does not have dementia, and a host of other fabricated in medical records problems.

Carly will be telling us all about this experience, and some ways to avoid the situation.

Her story is online at:

and her FaceBook Page is: The Hidden Realities of Hospice.

Tune in to hear this compelling story which is well documented.  Euthanasia is a not uncommon problem today.


Ron Panzer Provides a Solution

Listen to Ron Panzer of Hospice Patients Alliance provide a solution which could repair the damage done to health care and society in general.

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Ron Panzer President of Hospice Patients Alliance

Tune in and listen to Ron Panzer, President of Hospice Patients Alliance, who is a respected nurse and witness to criminal actions consistently performed within medical settings. He presents irrefutable information about how, why this behavior is condoned by government and a positive solution to this problem: but you all will have to participate to make it work quickly.

Ron is going to clear up the misinformation spread by those who deny the harms occurring within our healthcare system and especially hospice settings.  He reminds us to revere God, to develop an authentic relationship with Him, and to revere the lives of the patients we serve.

Once we do this, we will know what to do, how to live and contribute in our own way to help restore the Culture of Life.

Consider his words regarding why we are standing back and allowing ourselves to be mislead by people who should know better.

This has everything to do with repairing the damage done to society and our families. Seeds were planted during the previous mid-century that has brought the destruction that we all witness taking place today. (See Resources below)

Tune in, download the program or stream it. It is On Demand 24/7. Then you will understand and probably know what it is that you will want to start doing to help repair this great wrong that is taking place today.

Ron Panzer hosts Hospice Patients Alliance at:


Belmont Report:

Dr. Diane Irving:

What Is Bioethics?

The Bioethics Mess

Why Did We Ever Start Calling Patients “Vegetables?”

Ron Panzer:

Restoring The Culture of Life %20culture%20of%20life

Stealth Euthanasia

Hospice Patients Alliance

Jennifer Warner a story of Conservator Abuse

Listen to Jennifer Warner tell her and her grandmother’s story of Conservator Abuse:

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Jennifer Warner,  loyal granddaughter gives an account of what it was like when her grandmother went under court-appointed

Jennifer Warner and her Grandmother, Mary
Jennifer Warner and her Grandmother, Mary

guardianship as she approached her 100th birthday. She tells the chilling tale of how the conservator’s true nature was quickly revealed once he had seized control of her grandma’s life and the steps she took to try to change the tide and protect her precious “Grammy.”  Below is a video that is about Jennifer’s Grandmother, Mary.

Conservatorship belongs in the family and only as a last resort should a stranger who is appointed by the court ever be considered.

Even if a Conservator is truly following the promises to the patient and their family, he or she doesn’t necessarily know if  the appointed caregiver is conveying truthful information or not because Conservators are not there all the time.

As people get older their bodies do wear out but that doesn’t mean their minds do.  Family members must listen to their loved ones when they relate that the caregiver and/or Conservator is abusing their authority  if they want them to not be treated as a thing that should be doped up and sat in a corner.

Jennifer will tell us her story and that of her grandmother, Mary.

She is also going to be talking about her concerns about how transparent health care providers will end up being when it comes to their level of participation in physician assisted suicide and how she is encouraging one such provider to make a public stand against the deadly practice.

Assisted suicide is scheduled to go into effect throughout CA on June 9th, but several major health care providers have yet to publicly announce whether they will participate.  One such health provider is Adventist Health.  Despite being faith-based, Adventist Health has yet to officially opt out of assisted suicide.  This petition hopes to influence the leadership in that direction, so that the 20 hospitals and more than 275 facilities under its management can be safe havens from this dangerous practice.
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Susan Kasperski – Kaiser Issues

Listen to Susan Kasperski speak about Kaiser problems with Pace Makers and other serious issues with the player below or you download this mp3 file to listen to later.

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Susan Kasperski - Patient Activist and Advocate
Susan Kasperski – Patient Activist and Advocate

Susan Kasperski, Kaiser patient, Patient Activist and Patient Advocate tells us about Kaiser and Pace Maker problems of which there are many; use of unsterile technique, great pain to insert, lack of professional training and no one seems to care.  She also discusses the understaffed Kaiser hospital ER’s and her husband’s personal experience which involves kidney stones and massive blood clots in his lungs.

Susan is featured on 12 pages at the Kaiser Papers at:

The views and opinions expressed on this program are those of the guest and are not endorsed by the all volunteer Independent Vickie Travis Show.

Marcie Jacobs

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The Good, The Gad, and The Ugly

Marcie Jacobs - Health Care Activist
Marcie Jacobs – Health Care Activist

New,  Exciting and Potentially great good is being brought to this world by new  medical inventions, possibilities and already in production products.  The consumer will be able to take control of their medical care, decide what is right for them and avoid the pitfalls of many who blindly trusted. 

Gadolinium is a metal, a toxin to humans that is used to enhance MRI’s.  Unfortunately, it rarely leaves the body and instead causes long term great harm to humans.  It is not excluded that the deposits can trigger neuro degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

MIT and HARVARD have come out with a new investment vehicle for securitized loans.  These will be loans to finances ‘cures’.  They will be called health care loans.  Do you think that any patients with a serious disease and one of these loans will ever be able to pay it off?

The views and opinions expressed on this program are those of the guest and are not endorsed by the all volunteer Independent Vickie Travis Show.

Richard Obanion – Rehab Scams

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Richard Obanion - Survivor and Health Care Advocate
Richard Obanion – Survivor and Health Care Advocate

Richard Obanion, Survivor and Health Care Advocate tells us about the New Big Moneymaker for the  Medical Industry – REHAB.  Learn how this new industry was quickly turned into a big moneymaker once the Feds made many pain medicines difficult to obtain.

You will also learn some of the ways to recover from prescription induced addiction.  If you do consider a formal rehab facility, how to check them out before signing up and see the entire situation for what it really is.

Returning  guest Richard Obanion will be providing more tips for the pubic to avoid problems with their HMO.  Using his personal experience, Richard has taken an abusive and painful situation and turned it into something that is helpful for members of the pubic.

The views and opinions expressed on this program are those of the guest and are not endorsed by the all volunteer Independent Vickie Travis Show.


Nancy Valko, RN

Nancy Valko chooses life over death.  She is pro life and most people have little idea what this means as that term has been somewhat tainted by politically correct dogma.  Now is the time for everyone to question what that term actually means.

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nancy valko pic
Nancy Valko, RN

Did you every wonder exactly what is brain death?  What does it really mean?  Nancy will talk about this very topic during this program.

Also, Hospice was  created with the traditional  principle of neither prolonging nor hastening dying.  Today it seems in numerous cases as if it is only about hastening dying.

Recent news has a  news article titled “Frisco hospice owner urged nurses to overdose patients so they would die quicker, FBI says”

This certainly doesn’t sound like what hospice is supposed to be about.

Nancy will explain how she came to understand the American Public has been mislead about life and death.  How politically correct can and has distorted truth by misleading statements and absolute omissions.

Using her own life examples the public will be better able to identify and comprehend the vast and often negative changes that health care in American has taken during the past three decades.

Nancy Valko, RN, ALNC is a wonderful long-time pro-life leader, author, patient advocate, critical care nurse, legal nurse consultant, and spokeswoman for the National Association of Pro-life Nurses, among many other achievements.  Nancy continues to be available to speak to the public, to provide legal nurse consulting and medical record review, and also serves as a consultant for those who seek her nursing expertise on cases.

Tune in to hear Nancy Valko, RN.  Nancy Valko, RN is:

  • President, Missouri Nurses for Life
  • Intensive Care Unit Nurse
  • Contributing Editor, Voices
  • Columnist, “Bioethics Watch,” Voices
  • Spokesperson, National Association of Pro-life Nurses
  • Board Member, Missouri Right to Life
  • Former Co-Chair, Saint Louis Archdiocesan Pro-Life Committee
  • Nancy Valko, RN, ALNC, is a longtime writer and speaker on medical ethics issues who recently retired from critical care nursing to devote more time to consulting and volunteer work. She is also a spokesperson for the National Association of Pro Life Nurses.

References: NCBC Quarterly – Spring 2016 – The National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly.

Abstract: Every year, people make decisions based on trust in the certainty of diagnoses of brain death. These decisions range from signing an organ donation card to withdrawing life support from a loved one. Two recent developments have revived concerns about medical standards for determining brain death. One is a recent study on variability in brain death policies in the United States; the other is the filing of a federal lawsuit to rescind the death certificate of Jahi McMath, a teenager who appears to have survived a 2013 declaration of brain death. The author examines these developments and asks whether trust in the certainty of brain-death determinations is currently warranted.

Preview Article here:

If you have questions, you can write to Vickie Travis at  and you can write to Nancy Valko, RN at




Darlene Garcia – Protestor At Fontana Kaiser

Darlene Garcia and her husband Hank Garcia.

Darlene Garcia has a story she wants you to know about it.  Your listening to her story may save your life some day.

You can find her most afternoons outside of Kaiser Permanente Fontana.

Download this mp3 here:  2016-04-20_Vickie_DarleneGarcia_1

Darlene Garcia interview originally taped though Tropic Wave Radio
Tropic Wave Radio

The love of her life, Hank Garcia, a robust, very strong man was rendered in a few days to a very weak and in appearance old man who died shortly thereafter due to mismanagement of medical care by professionals who were more concerned with a time clock and a salary than they were with being physicians who should  be helping to heal patients.

Every afternoon, Hank’s wife Darlene is outside Kaiser Fontana.  She talks to patients and many come up to her and tell her their Kaiser HMO patient horror stories.  There are more of these stories than you can possibly imagine.  These stories are not so called “medical errors.  The reasons are far more serious than true error.  These are problems that cause death, disfigurement or permanent crippling due to selfishness on the part of medical staff, greed and actual incompetence.  Often these stories also contain the element of over scheduled staff who are exhausted physically and mentally and are not at that time capable of doing their jobs professionally.  Over scheduling of a well financed hospital is caused only by an Administration that is cutting corners.

Darlene has a FaceBook page about this at: