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Darlene Garcia – Protestor At Fontana Kaiser

Darlene Garcia and her husband Hank Garcia.

Darlene Garcia has a story she wants you to know about it.  Your listening to her story may save your life some day.

You can find her most afternoons outside of Kaiser Permanente Fontana.

Download this mp3 here:  2016-04-20_Vickie_DarleneGarcia_1

Darlene Garcia interview originally taped though Tropic Wave Radio
Tropic Wave Radio

The love of her life, Hank Garcia, a robust, very strong man was rendered in a few days to a very weak and in appearance old man who died shortly thereafter due to mismanagement of medical care by professionals who were more concerned with a time clock and a salary than they were with being physicians who should  be helping to heal patients.

Every afternoon, Hank’s wife Darlene is outside Kaiser Fontana.  She talks to patients and many come up to her and tell her their Kaiser HMO patient horror stories.  There are more of these stories than you can possibly imagine.  These stories are not so called “medical errors.  The reasons are far more serious than true error.  These are problems that cause death, disfigurement or permanent crippling due to selfishness on the part of medical staff, greed and actual incompetence.  Often these stories also contain the element of over scheduled staff who are exhausted physically and mentally and are not at that time capable of doing their jobs professionally.  Over scheduling of a well financed hospital is caused only by an Administration that is cutting corners.

Darlene has a FaceBook page about this at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/kaiser911/