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What Not To Believe About Hospice!

Nurse Debbie Mulcahy tells us what not to believe about hospice.  The program is not as advertised  in most places in America.  Nothing is held back in this interview. 
You may download this interview in mp3 format at: 2016-01-22_Vickie_DebbieMulcahy_1

Debbie Mulhancy, Board Member of Hospice Patients Alliance - HPA

Taped JANUARY 23, 2016 – What Not To Believe About Hospice


Debbie Mulcahy is a recently retired nurse who is very perceptive about pro-life issues.  She has found with her own church that the topic is something people do not want to discuss.  On the one hand churches do receive a lot of volunteer medical services to help people in their area but on the other they are afraid that those services will be cut off if they make a statement about how people are being prematurely killed.

Let them die and deplete the surplus population Charles Dickens wrote.  Is that what they are doing today?  Is that what society has come to?  Deplete the surplus population and save money on corporate and government beneficent programs is sure what seems to be going on.  

Today hospice is being used for means other than its intent.   It was intended for people that were actually actively dying.  Today it is being used for anything chronic or conditions that eventually, someday will be terminal.  Dementia until recently would never have been considered something for hospice.

Once a patient has their bank accounts cleaned out by medical care costs, that person then becomes a target for hospice care. The end is near for that patient but not necessarily due to any illness, but definitely due to lack of money.

Did you know that in the US a head of hospice makes as much money as the average CEO of Health Insurance Companies?  I wonder why they are always asking for donations? 

Tune in for answers to these questions and learn What Not To Believe About Hospice.