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Whistleblower – Sharon Kramer

Taped 4 – 6- 2016

Sharon Noonan Kramer – Public Policy Whistleblower

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Sharon Noonan Kramer

American legislators and policy makers seem to subscribe to the belief that if you write a book or report and have a few initials behind your name, whether you are qualified to do so or not, then the book or report must be accurate.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Apparently in this country, even if you do have the “right” initials behind your name to write a report on some topics, you can be induced into writing whatever the person paying you wants you to write.  That doesn’t make it any more accurate but can cause a lot of harm because that report is often used to deny care, to deny payment of insurance benefits and to force the public to participate in health related projects that they do not want to participate in.  False writings are still a lie but proving it in a court of law can end up with you having to serve time.

Sharon Kramer is a Whistleblower who has exposed the scientific fraud that “moldy buildings do no harm” which was marketed into US public health policy, thereby allowing the dismissal of injured parties’ insurance claims.

Moldy buildings can and do make people sick.

In an attempt to silence Sharon Kramer she was sued for libel by the author of the report and an attempt was made by the court to force her to sign a false confession.  She was incarcerated for refusing to do so.  News media in Southern California falsely promoted information that she was a malcontent – a person out to get the author of a now proven false scientific report that she had challenged.  The gossip spread throughout the legal industry against her was significant.  It didn’t stop her though.

Sharon was framed for libel in the San Diego courts to make her appear to be a liar for exposing in 2005 how a deadly scientific fraud was being marketed to defraud the public. In a second case, they tried to shut her up of the courts’ involvement in aiding the fraud to continue, nationwide.  In 2012, they put her in jail for refusing to sign a false confession of being guilty of the libel they framed her for. The court had no jurisdiction, let alone any right to try to silence a whistleblower of their role in fleecing the public.   Even with the bullying, harassment and physical harm, she has refused to back down in the hopes that someone will stop the fraud in policy and punish the compromised court officers.

Sharon has uncovered a common theme in American Health Policy.  False scientific reports written for the benefit of insurance companies to avoid responsibility and not honestly honor their patron’s contracts financially benefit from inaccurate public policy.  If all industry has to do is pay someone to write a report as they want it to be written and then market it to alter public policy it is a financial win for them.

Unfortunately, marketing to alter public policy with false material can often place the well being of the public in a pretty precarious position health wise.  We all need to read footnotes and verify that they are accurate in reports.  Those footnotes are often the basis for so called scientific reports.  If they are not accurate what good is the report?  How many other aspects of public health are effected by intentionally inaccurate scientific data that is promoted as fact?

See:  American College of Medical Toxicology, (ACMT) Board of Directors and Director Dr. Paul Wax (letter in its entirety with exhibits)   https://katysexposure.files.wordpress.com/2015/10/15-10-29-final-acmt-letter.pdf


Nov 2015 American College of Medical Toxicology, Choose Wisely to Sunset Your Mold Statement  https://katysexposure.wordpress.com/nov-15-american-college-of-medical-toxicology-choose-wisely-to-sunset-your-mold-statement/