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Janis Whitten Boyd

Janis Whitten tells us how her father had his properties stolen by local government officials for what appears to be personal gain, was shoved into hospice under false pretenses and she was tossed out into the street by a government official who obtained ownership.

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Her father was Howard Lee Whitten who lived at 129 Bundrum in the little town of Coldwater, Tate County, Mississippi.  He was a former government employee.  He had several pensions and a nice property which were snatched by the County Clerk who was given the role of guardian after it was questionably taken from his daughter.  The false claim was made that he had a broken leg and that was enough of an excuse to do this to  them.  Under false pretenses and with the excuse of him having bedsores caused by treatment at a rehab center, this Clerk signed him into hospice.

The man who obtained the property was upset that Mr. Whitten had a Black Caregiver.  There was quite a ruckus over this issue.  Apparently in the town of Coldwater this is a major problem.  Believe it or not but this ties into the rest of the story.  It really was a big deal to the town.

Janis was no longer allowed to see her father.

The claim was made that since the Clerk was taking his pension payments that the property had to be sold to pay the medical expenses. The Clerk refused to allow Medicare to be billed.   Mr. Whitten had complete Medicare coverage but the Clerk would not allow it to be used.  Another government official purchased the home.

Janis Whitten currently is seeking justice for her father.  She has been reduced to living in a cabin with a very limited income.  She has been threatened with if she continues the Clerk will have her put under her Conservatorship.

She is 67 and her husband passed away 10 years ago.  This brave woman is standing tall and praying that she will see the people who profited off of her father’s death will receive justice.

Faith Duron – Bad Hospice

Faith Duron and Tim Cleckner who hail from Florida tell us how Faith’s mother was abused by a Conservator and the medical system.  Her mother was robbed, shoved into an abusive warehouse nursing home and a doctor was found willing to exaggerate her medical condition.   All of this done with private pay using the mother’s money, and did not involved Medicare.   She lost control of her sizable assets which apparently a good portion of was spent on acting lessons with former stars and investments in said stars private film production.  One of her mother’s children had their hands in the cookie jar and only wanted to know when his Mom would be dying.  Eventually, against her will she was shoved into a hospice program.   Numerous bedsores were found on her body.

Eventually  she was transported to the local ER where this abusive medical care was documented in detail.  She was recovering after being starved and dehydrated when the brother conservator showed up.  He wanted to know how soon she would die.  He invoked the hospice program again during this hospital stay and all life saving medical care was then terminated as was her life shortly thereafter.

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Heidi Wise – Euthanasia in Massachusetts

Heidi Wise

Heidi Wise provides audio testimony of the March 6, 2017 euthanasia of her father which was done against his will.   It takes a lot for a person to die and it doesn’t normally happen as fast as Heidi’s father did.  In this case he died from direct action

Charles L Wise

of the nursing staff who insisted on forcing upon a patient who had no pain excessively high doses of morphine.

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Judy Brag, RN – Why many people are sent to hospice

Judy Bragg, RN spent the last five years of her long career in Facility Resource Management. She explains to us some of the real and underlying criteria for patients to be sent to hospice programs. She also dispels a few of the misunderstandings that people have regarding changes in real health care. Things are not always as we think they are. Sometimes in such a current negative atmosphere a positive change is the last thing that a person would expect, but it does happen. As we learn from this program things are not always necessarily as we think they appear to be.

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She tells us the straight truth and nothing more. This is good for the education of the public. Education without hyperbole is important but scarce to find these days.

Judy clearly and concisely explains how and why many people are pushed into Superficial Hospice programs – all purposeful and potentially life sustaining medical care being terminated and patients suddenly and falsely being labeled as near death. She also explains that most medical personnel are not aware of the reasons behind these sudden administratively deemed new and dismal diagnoses. Most medical personnel do a good job and are justifiably pleased that they are able to do so.

Note: Judy suggested checking with The Joint Commission to check out these programs. The Joint Commission can be found online:


It appears that The Joint Commission Reports Now Only Provide Public Information on the following:

Emergency Department, Hospital-Based Inpatient Psychiatric Services, Immunization, Perinatal Care, Stroke Care, Substance Use, Tobacco Treatment, Venous Thromboembolism (VTE).

Apparently the various state Departments of Public Health are the only ones who actually do inspect hospitals these days or so they claim. You the citizen can get very limited information which may or may not actually be accurate. What a disappointment. More disappointing is when they tell the public that they do not have to tell us anything.

We all need to question these things that are going on today. We all need to become educated and demand accurate information and proof that it is accurate.

Judy Bragg, RN is going to return again in the future and she will let us know more  that can help protect you or your loved ones. We look forward to her return. Until then, this program is must listening if you want to know how and why some patients, especially those hospitalized  are often shoved off into programs that stop life sustaining care outside of a hospital.

Judy Bragg, RN – Superficial Hospice

Judy Bragg, RN and son.

This testimony involves a superficial hospice and definitely not a professional one.

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Or you may download the mp3 program at this link:  http://thevickietravisshow.com/mp3/Judy-Bragg-3-1-2017.mp3

Judy Bragg, RN provided care for her son who had leukemia, just as she had done for two other of her children.  She understands the disease and she knows that when they do die what is normal and what is not.

Judy Bragg, RN was forced to watch her son die prematurely.  He was killed by a chemical cocktail administered by her daughter-in-law while her son insisted that he did not want the medications.

Her daughter in law had not visited her husband, Judy’s son for eight months while he was in the hospital.  She showed up one day, pushed him into a hospice program using her authority as wife and his fate was sealed.

Judy had turned her back for just a minute and it happened.  There was no way she could stop it.

He did not consent to this medical process nor to these medications.  He was in his right mind but had the hospice program pushed on him by his wife.

Judy states that this hospice was superficial and was not professional.  In this program she touches upon the hospital and insurance business aspect of encouraging the premature death of patients, including those who are not terminal.

This is the first part of a series on this topic involving Judy Bragg.  Judy worked for decades as a Registered Nurse in OR.   Before her retirement, the last five years of her career were  in facility resource management.  We are going to touch upon what facility resource management is all about.  This series is going to open your eyes and your innocence will be taken away.

Susan Kennedy McNutt

Euthanasia – The Burt Kennedy Story.  An American hero, a film maker,  a friend and screenwriter for John Wayne taken advantage

Burt Kennedy and John Wayne.
Burt Kennedy and John Wayne.

of by both a caregiver and executor looted the estate and how his death was brought about by poisoning.  He was railroaded into hospice for a disease that he did not have.  Three weeks into that program he realized what was going on and changed his mind.  The caregiver, Nancy Pendleton was also the girlfriend of the attorney involved.  The attorney made the Police Chief of Beverly Hills and Nancy Pendleton in charge of the estate.

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Law enforcement does not care in fact a Chief of Police ended up with the film memorabilia.  The caregiver bull dozed down the family home and sold the property.

Susan Kenndy McNutt explains how her father, Burt Kennedy, suffered and was taken advantage of by these people he thought were his friends.

More on Burt Kennedy here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burt_Kennedy

This program was originally broadcast on Jan 4, 2005 on the Highway2Health Program with Vickie Travis.

Nancy Valko, RN

Nancy Valko chooses life over death.  She is pro life and most people have little idea what this means as that term has been somewhat tainted by politically correct dogma.  Now is the time for everyone to question what that term actually means.

To download this program and listen at your leisure use this link: http://thevickietravisshow.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/2016-06-01-Vickie-Nancy-Valko.mp3

nancy valko pic
Nancy Valko, RN

Did you every wonder exactly what is brain death?  What does it really mean?  Nancy will talk about this very topic during this program.

Also, Hospice was  created with the traditional  principle of neither prolonging nor hastening dying.  Today it seems in numerous cases as if it is only about hastening dying.

Recent news has a  news article titled “Frisco hospice owner urged nurses to overdose patients so they would die quicker, FBI says”  http://crimeblog.dallasnews.com/2016/03/frisco-hospice-owner-urged-nurses-to-overdose-patients-to-speed-their-deaths-fbi-says.html/

This certainly doesn’t sound like what hospice is supposed to be about.

Nancy will explain how she came to understand the American Public has been mislead about life and death.  How politically correct can and has distorted truth by misleading statements and absolute omissions.

Using her own life examples the public will be better able to identify and comprehend the vast and often negative changes that health care in American has taken during the past three decades.

Nancy Valko, RN, ALNC is a wonderful long-time pro-life leader, author, patient advocate, critical care nurse, legal nurse consultant, and spokeswoman for the National Association of Pro-life Nurses, among many other achievements.  Nancy continues to be available to speak to the public, to provide legal nurse consulting and medical record review, and also serves as a consultant for those who seek her nursing expertise on cases.

Tune in to hear Nancy Valko, RN.  Nancy Valko, RN is:

  • President, Missouri Nurses for Life
  • Intensive Care Unit Nurse
  • Contributing Editor, Voices
  • Columnist, “Bioethics Watch,” Voices
  • Spokesperson, National Association of Pro-life Nurses
  • Board Member, Missouri Right to Life
  • Former Co-Chair, Saint Louis Archdiocesan Pro-Life Committee
  • Nancy Valko, RN, ALNC, is a longtime writer and speaker on medical ethics issues who recently retired from critical care nursing to devote more time to consulting and volunteer work. She is also a spokesperson for the National Association of Pro Life Nurses.

References: NCBC Quarterly – Spring 2016 – The National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly.

Abstract: Every year, people make decisions based on trust in the certainty of diagnoses of brain death. These decisions range from signing an organ donation card to withdrawing life support from a loved one. Two recent developments have revived concerns about medical standards for determining brain death. One is a recent study on variability in brain death policies in the United States; the other is the filing of a federal lawsuit to rescind the death certificate of Jahi McMath, a teenager who appears to have survived a 2013 declaration of brain death. The author examines these developments and asks whether trust in the certainty of brain-death determinations is currently warranted.

Preview Article here: https://www.pdcnet.org/pdc/bvdb.nsf/purchase?openform&fp=ncbq&id=ncbq_2016_0016_0001_0055_0059

If you have questions, you can write to Vickie Travis at  vickie.travis@gmail.com  and you can write to Nancy Valko, RN at    nancyvalko@sbcglobal.net




What Not To Believe About Hospice!

Nurse Debbie Mulcahy tells us what not to believe about hospice.  The program is not as advertised  in most places in America.  Nothing is held back in this interview. 
You may download this interview in mp3 format at: 2016-01-22_Vickie_DebbieMulcahy_1

Debbie Mulhancy, Board Member of Hospice Patients Alliance - HPA

Taped JANUARY 23, 2016 – What Not To Believe About Hospice


Debbie Mulcahy is a recently retired nurse who is very perceptive about pro-life issues.  She has found with her own church that the topic is something people do not want to discuss.  On the one hand churches do receive a lot of volunteer medical services to help people in their area but on the other they are afraid that those services will be cut off if they make a statement about how people are being prematurely killed.

Let them die and deplete the surplus population Charles Dickens wrote.  Is that what they are doing today?  Is that what society has come to?  Deplete the surplus population and save money on corporate and government beneficent programs is sure what seems to be going on.  

Today hospice is being used for means other than its intent.   It was intended for people that were actually actively dying.  Today it is being used for anything chronic or conditions that eventually, someday will be terminal.  Dementia until recently would never have been considered something for hospice.

Once a patient has their bank accounts cleaned out by medical care costs, that person then becomes a target for hospice care. The end is near for that patient but not necessarily due to any illness, but definitely due to lack of money.

Did you know that in the US a head of hospice makes as much money as the average CEO of Health Insurance Companies?  I wonder why they are always asking for donations? 

Tune in for answers to these questions and learn What Not To Believe About Hospice.