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Richard Obanion – Patient Abandonment

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richard-obanion-1Our guest is Richard Obanion.  He is a retired financial services officer who had the misfortune of becoming the victim of both medical malpractice and vaccine injury.  He is now permanently disabled.  These experiences left him crippled and in chronic pain.   His HMO physicians chose to medicate him with opiate pain medicine rather than admit what had actually happened to him and do what could be done to fix the medical problems they created.  Consequently he became dependent on the HMO prescribed medications.  The way he has been treated is deplorable. One day they suddenly refused to renew his pain medicine.  The White House has declared war on over-prescribing of opiate medications.  They didn’t think it through all the way when they did this.  Doctors are given three days of classes and are suddenly experts in how to withdraw patients from such medications.  Most of the time there are serious problems when it is suddenly withdrawn.  Patients are left to take care of themselves.

Richard was abused by physicians that were more afraid of getting in trouble for their over prescribing than they were about taking care of a patient.

Richard is going to tell us how to avoid  being given the run around.

How to stop the run around, how to survive  hop scotching from one facility to another and will tell which facilities helped him and which did not.  He has several other tips that all patients will find useful.

Tune in to learn how Richard has survived this sudden withdrawal of pain medication  after being made the dependent by his HMO physician.  Learn the retaliatory tricks these medical professionals are using to dump patients, to label them, to ban them from medical care in an attempt to distract from the truth – the truth being that HMO physicians created this problem and don’t want to draw attention to themselves.  Learn how to work around these problems.

There is one more reason you want to tune into this program.  We all know that HMO’s, and some physicians are reluctant to hand over a copy of patient medical records, or a least reluctant to hand them all over.  Patients may get a little bit of the records here or there but probably at least in some cases not all of them.

Learn how they can be obtained because there is a way to do it even when the physician refuses.

In 2015 the White House announced Public and Private Sector efforts to address Prescription Drug Abuse.  https://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2015/10/21/fact-sheet-obama-administration-announces-public-and-private-sector

Suddenly his HMO physicians are forcing patients into sudden withdrawal by not renewing  medications nor providing alternatives that could address medical problems that cannot be treated any other way.

“The leading public health agency in the United States is urging doctors to stop prescribing opioids for patients suffering from chronic pain, noting that the risks of taking such drugs far outweigh the benefits.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently published updated guidelines for distributing these powerful, highly addictive drugs. Vicodin and OxyContin are two prescriptions included in the guidelines. These measures come as a result of the nation’s prescription painkiller epidemic, which the CDC says poses a compelling threat to the health of the country.

The new guidelines do, however, provide exceptions for patients receiving cancer therapy or other forms of end-of-life care. When physicians deem these drugs necessary in other situations, the CDC recommends they be in the lowest possible dose for the shortest period of time.

CDC Director Thomas Frieden said in a statement that public health officials know of no other medications used for nonfatal conditions that contribute to more deaths. The guidelines’ aims, according to Frieden, are to decrease the rate of preventable deaths from opioids and to solidify the drugs’ status as dangerous medications that should be used sparingly.”

See:  https://www.summitbehavioralhealth.com/blog/cdc-recommendations-on-opioid-prescriptions/

Physicians are also now being punished for over prescribing opiate medications.  Pain Management Centers are shutting down, doctors that specialized in this field are getting out of it and in general, over caution is the new norm.  Especially since state and federal governments are  now starting to prosecute.  See:  http://www.cnn.com/2016/02/05/health/california-overdose-doctor-murder-sentencing/



Daniella Dogar & Linda Isner

Daniella Dogar & Linda Isner  :: 03-02-2016

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Gut wrenching documentary information

See: http://horror.kaiserpapers.org/pdfs/koczur-medical-records.pdf


Michelle Monserratt-Ramos

Michelle discusses Docs on Probation, medical board issues, patient safety, How to Research your Doctor and why you should.

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Michel Monserett-Ramos

Michelle Monserratt-Ramos – Fiance of former Los Angeles politician Lloyd Monserratt and California Patient Safety Advocate.  Michelle discusses Docs on Probation, medical board issues, patient safety, How to Research your Doctor and why you should.  All too often state medical licensing boards seem to be more interested in protecting physicians’ livelihood than protecting the public from misbehaving or incompetent physicians. And when they do act against a physician, the physician’s patients are not likely to be informed unless the physician has to close his practice. This is unacceptable. With this type of behavior there is little wonder that medical errors are the 3rd leading cause of death.