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Nancy Valko, RN

Nancy Valko chooses life over death.  She is pro life and most people have little idea what this means as that term has been somewhat tainted by politically correct dogma.  Now is the time for everyone to question what that term actually means.

To download this program and listen at your leisure use this link: http://thevickietravisshow.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/2016-06-01-Vickie-Nancy-Valko.mp3

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Nancy Valko, RN

Did you every wonder exactly what is brain death?  What does it really mean?  Nancy will talk about this very topic during this program.

Also, Hospice was  created with the traditional  principle of neither prolonging nor hastening dying.  Today it seems in numerous cases as if it is only about hastening dying.

Recent news has a  news article titled “Frisco hospice owner urged nurses to overdose patients so they would die quicker, FBI says”  http://crimeblog.dallasnews.com/2016/03/frisco-hospice-owner-urged-nurses-to-overdose-patients-to-speed-their-deaths-fbi-says.html/

This certainly doesn’t sound like what hospice is supposed to be about.

Nancy will explain how she came to understand the American Public has been mislead about life and death.  How politically correct can and has distorted truth by misleading statements and absolute omissions.

Using her own life examples the public will be better able to identify and comprehend the vast and often negative changes that health care in American has taken during the past three decades.

Nancy Valko, RN, ALNC is a wonderful long-time pro-life leader, author, patient advocate, critical care nurse, legal nurse consultant, and spokeswoman for the National Association of Pro-life Nurses, among many other achievements.  Nancy continues to be available to speak to the public, to provide legal nurse consulting and medical record review, and also serves as a consultant for those who seek her nursing expertise on cases.

Tune in to hear Nancy Valko, RN.  Nancy Valko, RN is:

  • President, Missouri Nurses for Life
  • Intensive Care Unit Nurse
  • Contributing Editor, Voices
  • Columnist, “Bioethics Watch,” Voices
  • Spokesperson, National Association of Pro-life Nurses
  • Board Member, Missouri Right to Life
  • Former Co-Chair, Saint Louis Archdiocesan Pro-Life Committee
  • Nancy Valko, RN, ALNC, is a longtime writer and speaker on medical ethics issues who recently retired from critical care nursing to devote more time to consulting and volunteer work. She is also a spokesperson for the National Association of Pro Life Nurses.

References: NCBC Quarterly – Spring 2016 – The National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly.

Abstract: Every year, people make decisions based on trust in the certainty of diagnoses of brain death. These decisions range from signing an organ donation card to withdrawing life support from a loved one. Two recent developments have revived concerns about medical standards for determining brain death. One is a recent study on variability in brain death policies in the United States; the other is the filing of a federal lawsuit to rescind the death certificate of Jahi McMath, a teenager who appears to have survived a 2013 declaration of brain death. The author examines these developments and asks whether trust in the certainty of brain-death determinations is currently warranted.

Preview Article here: https://www.pdcnet.org/pdc/bvdb.nsf/purchase?openform&fp=ncbq&id=ncbq_2016_0016_0001_0055_0059

If you have questions, you can write to Vickie Travis at  vickie.travis@gmail.com  and you can write to Nancy Valko, RN at    nancyvalko@sbcglobal.net