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Bobby Brown Tells All


Bobby Brown Program taped on March 11, 2016This mp3 file may be downloaded here:2016-03-11_Vickie_BobbyBrown_1


Is a DNR worth the paper it is written on?  Here we have a situation where Gloria Brown, the wife of Bobby Brown, was physically forced to sign a DNR by medical professionals. There is a court document sworn to  by medical personnel that this is what took place. This was not a voluntary act on her part.  Consequently, when a medical emergency did take place, Mrs. Brown was denied emergency medical care by paramedics who were called to her home.   Although Mrs. Brown was alive at that time, rescue personnel refused to transport her to a hospital.

Mr. Brown without assistance had to place his wife on the gurney to get her into the ambulance as the professionals refused to help her.  During the resultant transport to the hospital it was found that someone had punctured her carotid artery resulting in instantaneous death.  This action which resulted in her death was determined by autopsy.

Have the courts been of any help?  Has law enforcement?
Not very much, which seems to be par for the course


Should there come a time, as now, when Catholic hospital resources, financial resources of a community, time of Doctors, Nurses, Responders, and so forth, go into this mix of factors to commit murder with intent and disdain for the sanctity of life, Jesus warned you hypocrites, there is no favoritism for the esteemed, if you break the commandment “Thou Shall Not Kill” your reward is eternal punishment.
Galatians 2:6