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Marcie Jacobs

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The Good, The Gad, and The Ugly

Marcie Jacobs - Health Care Activist
Marcie Jacobs – Health Care Activist

New,  Exciting and Potentially great good is being brought to this world by new  medical inventions, possibilities and already in production products.  The consumer will be able to take control of their medical care, decide what is right for them and avoid the pitfalls of many who blindly trusted. 

Gadolinium is a metal, a toxin to humans that is used to enhance MRI’s.  Unfortunately, it rarely leaves the body and instead causes long term great harm to humans.  It is not excluded that the deposits can trigger neuro degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

MIT and HARVARD have come out with a new investment vehicle for securitized loans.  These will be loans to finances ‘cures’.  They will be called health care loans.  Do you think that any patients with a serious disease and one of these loans will ever be able to pay it off?

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