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Susan Kasperski – Kaiser Issues

Listen to Susan Kasperski speak about Kaiser problems with Pace Makers and other serious issues with the player below or you download this mp3 file to listen to later.

Download this program directly at: http://thevickietravisshow.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/susan-kasperski-2016_05_25-%20vickie.mp3

Susan Kasperski - Patient Activist and Advocate
Susan Kasperski – Patient Activist and Advocate

Susan Kasperski, Kaiser patient, Patient Activist and Patient Advocate tells us about Kaiser and Pace Maker problems of which there are many; use of unsterile technique, great pain to insert, lack of professional training and no one seems to care.  She also discusses the understaffed Kaiser hospital ER’s and her husband’s personal experience which involves kidney stones and massive blood clots in his lungs.

Susan is featured on 12 pages at the Kaiser Papers at: http://horror.kaiserpapers.org/heart/susankasperski.html

The views and opinions expressed on this program are those of the guest and are not endorsed by the all volunteer Independent Vickie Travis Show.